Garden Agreements

We are now SOLD OUT for 2024! Thank you for your interest in an organic plot! See you next year!

REMINDER: Garden plots should be paid IN FULL by May 1st 2024 access to your garden will not be permitted until payment is made in full.

2024 Prices:
20’X40′ Garden Plot $325.00 per season

40’X40′ Garden Plot $625.00 per season

Gardener Agreement,  Terms and Conditions

  1. I will be responsible for the maintenance of my garden plot including: harvesting, removal of fallen or rotting produce, picking up litter, on weekly basis.
  2. I understand that I am responsible for supervising any guests I bring to my plot including other adults, youths and children
  3. I will not take food or plants from other gardeners plots unless given express permission by the owner of the plot.
  4. I understand that smoking is not permitted on the property.
  5. I understand that all pets are not permitted on the property.
  6. I understand that all gardeners have the right to enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere while gardening and as such music is not permitted to be played via vehicles, phones, Bluetooth speakers or any other device that may disturb other gardeners. Headphones are permitted.
  7. I will keep the garden plot free of weeds on weekly basis and will work to maintain the areas surrounding my plot. (Edges walkways and paths) Walkways, and paths are kept clear of all obstacles.
  8. If I am going away on vacation or will be away for a period of time where I cannot maintain my garden. I WILL make arrangements for someone else to maintain my garden while I am away.
  9. I will keep trash and litter out of my plot as well as walkways paths and play areas.
  10. I will plant seeds 18″ away from plot edge as not to encroach on my neighbors plot when plants are fully grown.
  11. I will plant TALL CROPS only where they will not shade any neighboring plots.
  12. I will remove all dead plants and materials (string, wire, stakes, plastic etc) at end of season. I will ensure my garden is cleaned up by no later than October 1st.
  13. No tall crops such as corn or sunflowers may be planted in front of the pathways or between neighboring plots. No crops may be planted so they SHADE neighboring crops. They must be planted at the rear of your plot along the ROADWAY and NOT THE WALKWAY.
  14. Seedlings must be planted 18 inches from your plots divider string to prevent crops from encroaching into neighbor plots.
  15. I will not tamper with automated sprinkler systems. Should they need to relocated will contact Staff.
  16. I will not enter my garden for planting seeds or any reason until my garden plot is paid or in FULL.
  17. I will not enter any private lands adjacent or near the garden site.
  18. I am not permitted to sublet or rent any portion of my garden plot to another person or business.
  19. I agree to use the garden plot and property at my own risk and accept all liability and risk for myself and other persons or guests. Crittenden Farms accepts no liability in any way for loss, injury or death or injury or damage to any person or persons guests.


Gardener Agreement
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